Programs at ISU

Welcome to the new and improved ISU Programs catalog!  We have incorporated new search functions which can be used below.  If you prefer to use the catalog the way it was set up before, by category, click on the "Browse by BI Area" submenu to the right.  

The program catalog is a comprehensive listing of programs on campus or in central Iowa that work with Broader Impact initiatives and are willing to partner with faculty members. The catalog is searchable by keyword, area of broader impacts, the audience served by the program, or by college.  If you select an option in each search box, it will search for programs that meet all of these requirements.  If you select multiple options within one search box, it will search for programs that meet any of those requirements. For an example of how these search functions work, please click here.  

Please give us feedback on how you like the new changes so we can continue to improve our site.  Contact us at 515-294-8061 or