Information for Faculty

This is a compilation of resources to use as a starting point to learn about NSF's Broader Impacts criterion and to assist faculty in developing their own broader impacts initiatives. 

  • NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (includes Grant Proposal Guide)

  • National Allance for Broader Impacts (NABI)

  • NABI Guiding Principles 2016

  • Catalog of ISU Programs
    A comprehensive listing of programs on campus that work in areas of broader impacts and information on how faculty can effectively partner with them.

  • Broader Impact Wizard
    The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) based at Rutgers University developed a Broader Impacts Wizard to help researchers develop a broader impact statement for NSF proposals and improve researchers' ability to communicate their science. The Broader Impact Wizard walks a researcher through five steps to come up with and engaging, interesting broader impact statement. The five steps include: audience, budget, activitie, project description, and evaluation.  While this wizard focuses on ocean sciences examples, the concepts are relevant to all NSF proposals.  The broader impacts programs that the wizard refers to are specific to Rutgers University.  For ISU programs, refer to the SP@ISU website.

  • Broadening Participation in STEM as a Broader Impact of Faculty Retention Workshop
    In 2014, SP@ISU hosted an event to help educate faculty on the opportunities available to increase the participation of underrepresented groups, such as women or ethnic/racial minorities as a part of their broader impacts of their research.

  • Broader Impacts Text Analysis Workshop
    In the fall of 2013, SP@ISU in collaboration with Dr. Elena Cotos, a linguistics researcher at ISU, hosted a workshop where Dr. Cotos shared her findings and provided tips for writin effective broader impacts statements.  Dr. Cotos and SP@ISU developed resources to assist researchers in writing broader impacts statements for NSF proposals.  SP@ISU facilitated the collection of 105 funded and unfunded NSF proposals from ISU faculty.  Dr. Cotos has used corpus linguistics techniques to analyze the quality of the writing and integration of broader impacts plans within proposals. 
    Workshop Presentation: click here for presentation
    Terminology Handout: click here for handout
    Communicative Framework Handout: click here for handout
    Examples Handout: click here for handout

  • Evaluation Workshop Resources
    In the fall of 2012, SP@ISU hosted a day-long Broader Impacts Evaluation Workshop to provide opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and staff to learn more about broader impacts evaluation and resources on campus. The event consisted of a morning session, “Effective Broader Impacts Evaluation Practices for Grants,” and two concurrent afternoon sessions, “Assessing Undergraduate Research Experiences” and “Assessing K-12 Outreach Programs.”  For presentations, video and information on each session please follow the links below.
    Effective Broader Imacts Evaluation Practices for Grants: click here for videos and handouts
    Assessing Undergraduate Research Experiences: click here for videos and presentations
    Assessing K-12 Outreach Programs: click here for videos and handouts

  • SP@ISU statement for “Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources” section of NSF Proposal

  • Iowa State Library tools for Data Management Plans

  • For Youth Program Administrators
    In order to keep our promise of offering excellent youth activities and programs at ISU, this website contains information and resources to help Program Leaders plan and conduct activities, programs and camps for youth in a safe and effective manner.

  • CIRTLCast Series
    The CIRTL webcast series discusses a variety of topics related to STEM pedagogy, diversity and professional development on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.